Marc Adamus 自然风景摄影作品集

Marc Adamus 自然风景摄影作品集1

Marc Adamus 自然风景摄影作品集,Marc Adamus美国俄勒冈州风景摄影师,他的作品充满自然的气息,旷野激情。

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Marc Adamus is a landscape photographer based in Corvallis, Oregon. The visual drama and artistry of his photographs are born of a keen eye for the many moods of Nature and a life-long passion for the wilderness. This passion shines throughout Marc’s work and has attracted a wide audience around the world.

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His talent for rare captures of amazing light and fleeting atmosphere imbue his portfolio with a sense of the epic, majestic and the bold. His success derives from patient single-minded pursuit of all the unique moments that generate the magic and energy of the wilderness, often spending months immersing himself in the landscape he shoots despite the rigors of season and weather.

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