Shimon and Tammar 流动的舞者摄影作品集

Shimon and Tammar 流动的舞者摄影作品集

Shimon and tammar 流动的舞者摄影作品集,shimon and tammar是一对摄影师夫妇,他们擅长于拍摄流动的动态作品,如人物、时尚、舞蹈等。这组Half a second 作品就是他们的代表作之一,流动的舞者,动静结合。

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Ask anyone off the street if they think half a second is a long period of time and, most likely, they'll vigorously shake their head or reply with an emphatic "no." Ask a photographer the same question and his or her answer will most likely vary. Husband and wife Shimon and Tammar are photographers who've captured the fluid movement of dancers all in half a second. Their project shows the beauty and grace of the human body as well as the various emotions we reveal through it.

Shimon and Tammar 流动的舞者摄影作品集2

"Our eyes move with the lines and curves with that imprinted memory of the past," they tell us. "It is the elusive beauty of emotions in motion that we wanted to capture as well, a passing thought expressed in the eyes in the head and the body gestures.

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"Working with two dancers allowed us to enhance the intimate emotion, the tension between stillness and motion. It gave us the opportunity to see something that we cannot see. How time works, how time change us, curves and shapes our body, our soul. And, most importantly, how it reveals the sensitive and intimate emotions that emerge from motion."

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