Sparrek 梦幻创意摄影作品集

Sparrek 梦幻创意摄影作品集

Sparrek 梦幻创意摄影作品集,Sparrek是法国巴黎的一位艺术家,之前目标是成为一位专业的芭蕾舞演员,后来发现自己的天赋是创意摄影,通过自己的想法来制作成为如梦如幻的艺术作品。

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Sparrek is a Paris based artist who used to aim to become a professional ballet dancer until she found photography is the best outlet for her creativity. She is passionate in creating images using photography and image manipulation. Whether they are surreal, dreamlike, and symbolic, they are from her thoughts, observations and experience.

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