Kuar Arrigo 水下摄影作品集

Kuar Arrigo 水下摄影作品集

Kuar Arrigo 水下摄影作品集,Kuar Arrigo是马耳他的一位摄影师,亦是全球最优秀的水下摄影师之一,擅长于在水里、大海、湖泊、海洋馆拍摄摄影作品。

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Kurt Arrigo is Malta’s most eminent and one of the world’s finest marine photographers. ­­­­His illustrious and diverse career has seen him capture dramatic action at elite international sporting events, portray A-list Hollywood stars, swim with hammerhead sharks and undertake intrepid environmental projects from the Galapagos to the Himalayas.

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