Yago Partal 衣冠禽兽摄影作品集

Yago Partal 衣冠禽兽摄影作品集

Yago Partal 衣冠禽兽摄影作品集,Yago Partal是巴塞罗那的一位摄影师,他们创作了一组人物肖像和动物头像相混合的令人捧腹大笑的照片集合。

Yago Partal 衣冠禽兽摄影作品集-狸猫

Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal makes us laugh with Zoo Portraits, a hilarious photo series that puts animal heads on humans’ well-dressed bodies. Sitting upright and staring straight into the camera, just as a person would, these snap-happy animals look like they’re posing for their pictures. Their wide-eyed expressions are really what make each photo so amusing.

Yago Partal 衣冠禽兽摄影作品集-水獭

Yago Partal 衣冠禽兽摄影作品集-灵猴

Yago Partal 衣冠禽兽摄影作品集-绵羊

Yago Partal 衣冠禽兽摄影作品集-海豚

Yago Partal 衣冠禽兽摄影作品集-灵猫

Yago Partal 衣冠禽兽摄影作品集-河马

Yago Partal 衣冠禽兽摄影作品集-雪豹