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Jason Lee 温馨创意美少女摄影集,Jason Lee有两个女儿,他创作的这组摄影作品就是围绕自己的两个女儿和一只狗狗而展开的故事,很多奇思妙想都是原因生活中了乐趣。

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Though a wedding photographer by trade, Jason Lee is also known for his incredibly creative photos of his two daughters. Started as a way to show his sick mother pictures of her growing grandchildren, the series took on a life of its own as Lee used his Photoshop skills to make his kids blow large soap bubbles, fly on broomsticks and even get duct taped to a wall. Millions have now seen Lee’s clever creations and, luckily for us, he keeps putting up more. What a fun way to capture your kids as they’re growing up!

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