Zach Rose 宠物人生趣味肖像摄影作品集

Zach Rose 宠物人生趣味肖像摄影作品集1

Zach Rose 宠物人生趣味肖像摄影作品集,Zach Rose 是多伦多的一位摄影师,他创作了一组宠物和人之间的头像互换的摄影作品,展示了动物与人之间的乐趣生活

Zach Rose 宠物人生趣味肖像摄影作品集2

Earlier this year, Toronto-based photographer Zach Rose (or @zachdriftwood) made waves when his hilarious Instagram series "Petheadz" started soaring through the web. A clever mash-up of pet owner and pet, the funny portraits consist of Rose holding up a DSLR in the foreground, that shows the pet's head, while the owner is standing in the background. Started as an exercise in creativity with his two roommate, the series soon took on a life of its own with a gallery show and people lining up in droves for Rose to take their picture.

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The 24-year-old even got to shoot one of today's most famous dogs, Maddie the Coonhound, with her owner Theron Humphrey. In one of his most recent shots (above), Toronto-based actor Charlie Hamilton is seen sporting his dog's cute head while riding a bike. As Zach writes, "I may be doing a few more #petheadz portraits in the future for those who are interested! Stay tuned." Just can't get enough of these.

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