Victor Enrich 百变城市建筑摄影作品集

Victor Enrich 百变城市建筑摄影作品集,Victor Enrich是德国慕尼黑的一位摄影师,他创作了一组包含有88种风格的抽象建筑物摄影作品,让你感受数字摄影艺术的魅力。

Victor Enrich 百变城市建筑摄影作品集1

There are artists who challenge the public with their work and then there are artists who challenge themselves. Photographer Víctor is the latter. He decided to set himself the task of reinterpreting and reconfiguring a tower block in Munich Germany.

Victor Enrich 百变城市建筑摄影作品集2

Impressive yes, but when you discover that he set himself a target of 88 different variations of the same building you can appreciate just how big a challenge he had set himself. How can you make an object with 4 walls, into 88 unique and ground-breaking designs? Few could manage it, but Víctor bends, twists and adjusts the buildings architecture at will, creating this frankly awesome series of images in the process.

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