Hid Saib 色彩斑斓的霓虹灯肖像摄影

Hid Saib 色彩斑斓的霓虹灯肖像摄影,Hid Saib 是西班牙的一位摄影师,他创作了一组采用霓虹灯投影的方式来拍摄人物脸部,五颜六色的霓虹灯下美轮美奂的美女肖像豁然纸上,美丽至极。Portraits Made Electric by Luminescent Neon Paint!

Hid Saib 色彩斑斓的霓虹灯肖像摄影1

Flecks of vivid neon paint glow brilliantly off faces and shoulders in this series of portraits by Portuguese photographer Hid Saib. At times, the glowing paint seems like the scattered embers of a fire or an explosive shower of sparks racing across the cheeks of the model. In other instances, the disarray seems more serene. Constellations of the night sky softly trace their way across the planes of a face, while an ethereal aurora borealis is created by the colorful luminescence of the neon.

Hid Saib 色彩斑斓的霓虹灯肖像摄影2

Photography has always been the instrument through which Saib expresses himself and interacts with the world. As a child, Saib was the friend and classmate known for documenting any escapades and always taking pictures of everyone. During his time in university, he began to study photography and once he did, he could never give it up. He now works as a professional photographer with his work displayed in exhibits internationally.

Hid Saib 色彩斑斓的霓虹灯肖像摄影3

Hid Saib 色彩斑斓的霓虹灯肖像摄影4

Hid Saib 色彩斑斓的霓虹灯肖像摄影5

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