Kim Leuenberger 玩具汽车历险记摄影作品集

Kim Leuenberger 玩具汽车历险记摄影作品集,Kim Leuenberger是英国伦敦大学的一位艺术生,他创作了一组微观世界的风景图片摄影,做不同的是采用微型玩具汽车为主题,拍摄开着汽车去旅游探险的有趣故事。

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At first you may think that these Traveling Cars Adventures are simply photographs of cars in scenic landscapes. Upon further inspection, though, viewers will be pleasantly surprised to discover that each subject is actually a small toy captured from extremely dramatic perspectives. The series has allowed the creator, 21-year-old Swiss photographer Kim Leuenberger, to explore the world through her creativity.

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Currently a student at the London University of the Arts, Leuenberger first began the series by experimenting with a new camera in her backyard. She photographed a blue toy minivan alongside paddington bear and the photo was an instant hit on Instagram. Since then, she has added to the series by finding all kinds of interesting locations and adding a variety of different vehicles to her collection of toys. She says she loves the vintage and classic toys because "they had a life and want to tell you their stories, and that's what I want to transmit with my pictures, I want them to tell a story."

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