Benoit Lapray 孤独的超级英雄摄影集

Benoit Lapray 孤独的超级英雄摄影集,Benoit Lapray是法国的一位摄影师,他创作了一组有关于电影里的超级英雄的摄影作品,其中有大家熟知了美国队长、蜘蛛侠、蝙蝠侠、神奇女侠,通过自然景观和人物完美结合,给人以英雄孤独的一面,安静而又祥和。

Benoit Lapray 孤独的超级英雄摄影集-超人

French photographer Benoit Lapray believes that "a photograph has to tell us a story," and he achieves just that in his series, entitled The Quest for the Absolute. The playful collection of portraits offers insight into the world of well-known superheroes, including Captain America, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and more.

Benoit Lapray 孤独的超级英雄摄影集-蝙蝠侠

Lapray digitally blends each hero into stunning natural landscapes. Viewers get to see how the many heroic characters spend their free time when they are not fighting crime or saving the world. The meditative collection of portraits features the quiet moments when a superhero is by him or herself, flying over a crystal clear lake, staring out across the ocean, or simply resting on a grassy hill. As animated as many of these men and women are while in the spotlight, Lapray creates a behind-the-scenes world where even heroes get to have a few moments of solitude and rest.

Benoit Lapray 孤独的超级英雄摄影集-速度侠

Benoit Lapray 孤独的超级英雄摄影集-超凡蜘蛛侠

Benoit Lapray 孤独的超级英雄摄影集-美国队长

Benoit Lapray 孤独的超级英雄摄影集-钢铁侠

Benoit Lapray 孤独的超级英雄摄影集-超人2

Benoit Lapray 孤独的超级英雄摄影集-猫女