Damien Hypolite 刺客信条场景与现代巴黎

刺客信条这款游戏相信很多人都玩过,游戏的背景是法国大革命时期,如果把游戏里的场景与现在的巴黎对照的话,你觉得会是什么效果呢?Damien Hypolite摄影师就把游戏的背景拍成照片然后拿到现实中对了一个对比,这种跨越时空的对照,仿佛是穿越时空的记忆。

Damien Hypolite 刺客信条场景与现代巴黎

We’ve seen some great series that juxtapose the landscapes of the past with how they look in the present. But, this one turns the idea on its head. Damien Hypolite compares the modern-day Paris with photos of it from 1789 to 1799… well before the invention of photography.

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So, how did he do it? Thanks to Hypolite’s computer knowledge and gaming enthusiasm, he printed out screenshots of the video game Assassin’s Creed Unity (which is based during the French Revolution) and then held them up around the city. This involved him spending an afternoon playing the game in HD with a map of Paris nearby, and he virtually visited famous spots in the city and took their picture. Afterwards, Hypolite printed out the screenshots on photo paper and biked to their real-life locations. These combinations were taken on his smartphone and uploaded online.

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The clever series seamlessly blends video games with real life, and it’s a testament to just how sophisticated their graphics are. If you didn’t know that the photos were from Assassin's Creed Unity, you might not ever know.

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