Navid Baraty 食品材料组成的星空摄影

Navid Baraty 食品材料组成的星空摄影,以假乱真不仅仅是国人的专利,老外也同样擅长,由摄影师Navid Baraty拍摄了一组空间摄影作品,如果你直接看下面的照片的话,肯定认为就是从外太空拍摄的,不过你错了,这样照片是采用日常食用品创建的,用到的材料有肉桂、咖啡粉、食用色素等等。

Navid Baraty 食品材料组成的星空摄影

Don't let your eyes deceive you. Photographer Navid Baraty takes a break from shooting New York from high above to create Wander, fictional space scenes created by placing everyday household items, like cinnamon and curry powder, on an open photo scanner.

Navid Baraty 食品材料组成的星空摄影2

WANDER is an imaginary space probe that explores the mysterious cosmos. Planets, stars and black holes may look believable, but they're actually created by mixing basic baking ingredients with a few unconventional items such as cat fur and silica gel. The universe never looked so pretty.

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