Ted Chin 超现实的场景世界

Ted Chin 是一位照片编辑牛人,擅长于吧超现实的场景和梦幻的元素无缝结合起来,制作成一种充满想象力的故事世界,他用自己或朋友拍摄的照片,添加创意元素并巧妙的融入其中,他很多作品都是充满了梦想、神话、幻想,让读者看到这些作品后能够拥有更多的想象力。

Ted Chin 超现实的场景世界

Photo manipulator Ted Chin stitches together surreal scenes and imaginative worlds that look like they belong in a fantasy story. Using photos that he or his friends have taken, the San Francisco-based creative masterfully combines different elements to create cohesive images that appear impressively realistic.

Ted Chin 超现实的场景世界2

Many of his photo manipulations were inspired by dreams, myths, or fantasy tales like Lord of the Rings. Dragons and giant jellyfish soar through the air above the heads of tiny adventurers who are traveling to faraway lands. Chin explores a variety of extraordinary environments, from underwater realms to candy-pink mountains to forests haunted by unicorns. Both creative and expertly crafted, these photo manipulations will stir the imagination of any viewer.

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