Floriane de Lassee 城市中的独孤摄影作品集

生活中数以万计的人们独自生活在城市中,虽然人行横道上人来人往,当夜幕降临的时候有多少人独自生活?来自法国的摄影师Floriane de Lassee 通过独特的视角来捕捉独孤的都市生活,高耸的摩天大楼和星星点点的的灯光,谱写了生活在都市中的神秘一族。

Floriane de Lassee 城市中独孤摄影作品集

Living among millions of other people and bumping shoulders on overflowing sidewalks doesn’t always equate to a sense of community. Ironically, the most thriving metropolis can create the strongest feelings of isolation. French photographer and graphic artist Floriane de Lassee offers an understanding perspective by capturing the loneliness and solitude of life in a big city.

Floriane de Lassee 城市中独孤摄影作品集2

Her photo series Inside Views is a powerful ode to the individual that debunks the myth of a glamorous, urban existence. She combines magnificent landscapes of glowing lights and towering skyscrapers with intimate, close-up views of people at home.

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The images give us a unique view into people’s windows and apartments, which helps us dissect the surging masses to appreciate individual struggles. The allure of glittering skylines in the distance is juxtaposed with gentrified structures in the foreground. Many of the images resemble architectural renderings, where human figures appear transparent against the solid background of powerful buildings.

Floriane de Lassee 城市中独孤摄影作品集4

On her website, the photographer explains that she isn’t trying to capture one particular city. Rather, she characterizes all cities as sharing common traits and emotions and seeks to explore those. “In the high insomnia megalopolis, splashed by stunning lights like so many islands of solitude, a heart beats, fragile, human,” she says. “It is the product of the Man’s excesses, his genius, his madness. The City exceeds the overflow. She is about to devour us.”

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