MayaHayuk 瑜伽与街头艺术摄影集


MayaHayuk 瑜伽与街头艺术摄影集

Chicago-based yoga instructor and street art enthusiast Soren Buchanan marries her two passions in a unique, on-going Instagram photo project. Her popular account, @spritesoren, features the yogi posing in front of large, colorful murals. Buchanan highlights many illustrative styles and showcases geometric patterns, animals, and realistic human portraits. Her graceful movements complement the artwork and demonstrate the incredible physical power that comes from practicing yoga.

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Buchanan’s interest in street art emerged while living in Florida for college. “I began noticing, photographing and jumping fences to get to street art and graffiti,” she tells the Instagram blog. It wasn’t until 2009 and a move to the bitterly-cold Chicago that she began yoga. “I knew I needed to adapt and create my own warmth. Yoga was the answer.”

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Buchanan intends to accent the murals through yoga’s endless possibilities of shapes and expressions. She also wants to recognize the street artists for their hard work. “I hope to bring attention to artists who, other than on the streets, might have limited venues showcasing their art and sharing their styles.”

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