Porter Yates 人文地理摄影作品集

来自于墨西哥州的摄影Porter Yates是一位致力于人文地理摄影创作的摄影师,曾经去过亚洲欧洲、每周等地进行拍摄,人与自然,人与人之间的微妙关系是Porter Yates从事摄影工作的首要主题,为了捕捉摄影方面的灵感,他的身影遍布于繁华的都市,偏远的深山老林。

Porter Yates 人文地理摄影作品集

Porter’s interest in the varying levels of connection between himself and the people he encounters is the primary theme in his work. He looks to reveal universal elements that express the human condition as well as capturing people’s relationships to their community and environment.

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He has traveled extensively to Asia, Europe, and the Americas, finding inspiration in the beauty and uniqueness of place and its culture. Venturing into remote places, and introducing himself into a new community, has made him question what it means to be an outsider, what it means to be part of a culture or community, and how people connect to the world.

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Porter was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has worked in Colorado in the oil industry, and researched sustainable heating technology during a residency in China. He resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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