Takashi Kitajima 仙境都市摄影作品集

来自日本的摄影师 Takashi Kitajima 本身是一位计算机软件工程师,他把通过相机拍摄的城市图片通过背景虚拟化技术来创作了一组犹如幻境般的都市街头,通过他的镜头,你可以发现繁华的都市被星星点点的的气泡所笼盖,给人以朦胧质感。

Takashi Kitajima 仙境都市摄影作品集

A computer software engineer by day, Takashi Kitajima hits the streets of Tokyo after work hours, armed with his camera and a vision of the city as a dreamy wonderland. Through his lens, the bustling metropolis melts away into colorful layers of creamy bokeh that are stunning to behold.

Takashi Kitajima 仙境都市摄影作品集2

From vantage points high and low, Kitajima transforms glittering night scenes into abstract images that depict the cityscape in a new light. Distinct objects like the Tokyo Tower, high-rises, and old temples serve as the clear focal points around which multihued bokeh swirl. The photographer's snapshots are a spectacularly beautiful take on Tokyo as a dazzling world of color and radiance.

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