Lystrup 数字色彩艺术作品集

Lystrup 数字色彩艺术作品集1

Lystrup 数字色彩艺术作品集,Lystrup丹麦艺术家,擅长使用液体制材来创作。她的作品柔美而富有创作力。

Lystrup 数字色彩艺术作品集2

I speak fluid colors is a digital art project by Lystrup, Denmark based artist Maria Grønlund.

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I'm a graphic designer with specialty in branding, corporate identity, digital art, design, and colors. I also do company names, product names and slogans. I love to play around with words, colors, shapes, and styles to make all the aspects play together like music.

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I used to be a classical musician, playing the piano, singing and composing but made a major U-turn when I was in the middle of my thirties. I started studying graphic design and now only a few years later I have my own design and developing company with my husband.

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