Leah Johnston 超现实合成艺术作品集

Leah Johnston 超现实合成艺术作品集1

Leah Johnston 超现实合成艺术作品集,Leah Johnston是加拿大电影制片人、演员、摄影师、爱好创作概念化的图片和电影剪辑。

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Leah Johnston is a Canadian artist living and working in Los Angeles who created story-driven works with an eye toward arresting visuals and compelling narrative.

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A Canadian-born filmmaker, actor, and photographer, Leah’s interest is in creating conceptual films and photos as a means of contemplating broader themes. Beyond just telling a good story, Leah strives to always have a purpose behind every work she creates. Her goal is to let the underlying concept take precedence over all else, shaping the work from the inside out, in terms of narrative, visuals, sound and performance. While her work is often made from a very personal viewpoint, Leah aims to tackle issues which are universal in relevance and appeal.

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