Chris LaBrooy 汽车拼图艺术作品集

Chris LaBrooy 汽车拼图艺术作品集1

Chris LaBrooy 汽车拼图艺术作品集,Chris LaBrooy是应该的一位雕塑艺术家,他创作了多个汽车拼接在一起形成了几何形状并且完美结合在一起,为城市的风景增光添彩。

Chris LaBrooy 汽车拼图艺术作品集2

These perfectly constructed multi-car pile-ups are actually digital sculptures by artist Chris LaBrooy. The series, called Auto Aerobics, features a collection of cars that are intertwined like large metal puzzle pieces. Paired with the phrase: "And roll….and stretch….and glide…..and flex," the project features cars that twist and turn and tumble, and fit perfectly together in interesting geometric shapes.

Chris LaBrooy 汽车拼图艺术作品集3

The impressive digital project was inspired by simple cars parked along a city street. "Walking through Brooklyn on a winters evening is a truly memorable experience," explains LaBrooy. The UK-based artist has a skilled eye for making anything come alive in three-dimensional form. Viewers will be shocked that his playful works, including tons of typography and 3D illustrations, are not actually real life objects.

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