Johan Scherft:3D模型纸雕鸟类造型设计

Johan Scherft:3D模型纸雕鸟类造型设计1

Johan Scherft 3D模型纸雕鸟类造型设计是有荷兰艺术家Johan Scherft通过三维模型制作的活灵活现的鸟类艺术作品,如果放在自然环境中去你不会人为它是一个叫鸟。

Johan Scherft:3D模型纸雕鸟类造型设计2

My paintings are closely related to the papercraft art I make.

Johan Scherft:3D模型纸雕鸟类造型设计3

In a few paintings I have used my paper bird models as a source of inspiration to create still lifes in which I have played with he concept of spatiality and flatness of these cardboardmodels. The paper birds are shown in their state of development from a flat cardboardmodel, as well as in their state of disintegration.

Johan Scherft:3D模型纸雕鸟类造型设计4

Also I have used paper models to make my paintings of the 'waterworlds' and the interiors with robots. I study the lights and shadows of these models, to create in the paintings a surreal but lifelike world. The paintings of the boats and treehouses are small in size.

Johan Scherft:3D模型纸雕鸟类造型设计5

Johan Scherft:3D模型纸雕鸟类造型设计6

Johan Scherft:3D模型纸雕鸟类造型设计7