Chow Hon Lam 超级英雄打工漫画作品集

Chow Hon Lam 超级英雄打工漫画作品集,Chow Hon Lam是来自马来西亚的一位设计师,他设计了一系列有关于超级英雄的漫画作品,并且可以应用于T恤的图案中去,非常搞笑。

Chow Hon Lam 超级英雄打工漫画作品集-金刚狼

Chow Hon Lam (aka Flying Mouse) is a multi-award winning tee shirt designer from Malaysia. For Chow, a tee represents a blank canvas on which a story can be told. He believes that each of his designs has something to say and the people are certainly listening. Chow’s tees have proven to be tremendously popular and have won many prestigious awards. Nearly 100,000 people have purchased a tee shirt featuring one of Chow’s designs.

Chow Hon Lam 超级英雄打工漫画作品集-雷神2

In 2010, Chow began an ambition project titled Flying Mouse 365 whereby he released one t-shirt design per day for an entire year. In order to accomplish this goal, Chow committed to the project full time by rejecting all other commissions and job offers, thinking of an original idea and drawing it in a 24 hour period is a challenge for any talented designer. To do so every day for an entire year requires a delicate combination of creativity, skill, patience and dedication. Chow has also had the opportunity to create designs for many high profile clients including Nike, AirAsia Airlines, Lotus F1, MARTELL VSOP, and Dave Matthews Band.

Chow Hon Lam 超级英雄打工漫画作品集-超人

Chow Hon Lam 超级英雄打工漫画作品集-蜘蛛侠

Chow Hon Lam 超级英雄打工漫画作品集3

Chow Hon Lam 超级英雄打工漫画作品集-猫女

Chow Hon Lam 超级英雄打工漫画作品集-蝙蝠侠