Seung Hoon Park 马赛克风格世界公园景观艺术作品集

Seung Hoon Park 马赛克风格世界公园景观艺术作品集,有韩国艺术家Seung Hoon Park创作的是马赛克风格视觉艺术作品,通过专业相机拍摄公园景观,再通过电影马赛克的视觉效果呈现出来。不知道你们能看出来什么效果,反正我是除了眩晕,就是剩下眩晕了。

Seung Hoon Park 马赛克风格世界公园景观艺术作品集1

Korean artist Seung Hoon Park weaves strips of film together to produce visually intriguing compositions where a fragmented world comes together in complex arrangements. Throughout the series, Textus, his unique approach redefines the typical landscape in mosaic style.

Seung Hoon Park 马赛克风格世界公园景观艺术作品集2

To create the unique photographs, Park uses positive 16mm movie film that he cuts into strips and loads into a large format camera. "When processed the result is a mosaic of films, like a detailed patchwork composed of an inextricable labyrinth where the eye can get lost," he explains.

Seung Hoon Park 马赛克风格世界公园景观艺术作品集3

The final image is a blend of mediums: both photograph as well as woven textile. By threading the film together, Park creates beautifully captivating scenes with textured distortions. The composition instantly comes together as a whole, but upon closer inspection, the details of the tiny squares reveal incomplete parts and unexpected divides that make the final results even more exciting.

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