Yigal Ozeri 写实绘画艺术作品集

Yigal Ozeri 写实绘画艺术作品集,Yigal Ozeri是一位出生于特拉维夫的纽约画家,她的创作擅长于写实绘画,捕获美丽的风景,女性人物肖像搭配真实的景观给人以唯美的视觉效果。

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Tel Aviv-born, New York-based painter Yigal Ozeri produces unbelievably realistic paintings of women in beautiful landscapes that make it hard to believe that they aren't photographs. The photorealistic pieces, which often depict women lying in nature, capture every detail of the scene, from the wispy, flyaway hairs on the subject's head and the ruffles in her blouse to the reflective ripples of water around her.

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Ozeri is able to capture a cohesive and visually deceptive blend of shape, shadow, light, and color to heighten the realism of his work. His paintings mimic the tone and texture of real-life elements, be they organic or otherwise. Each piece is the result of multiple stages of the artist's process, which begins with a photo session to capture his beautiful subjects. From there, Ozeri edits his work with digital software to produce a more cinematic image for him to replicate by hand with a brush.

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