Fiona Tang 超有质感的立体绘画艺术

Fiona Tang 超有质感的立体绘画艺术,Fiona Tang是温哥华的一位艺术系学生,他的创造力非常高超,直观的视觉效果让你觉得非常真实,他创作的工具只要有木炭、油漆、粉笔等,采用一种称之为错觉技术。

Fiona Tang 超有质感的立体绘画艺术1

Vancouver-based art student Fiona Tang creates masterful, life-sized drawings of animals that appear to pop right off of the paper. A tough-looking whale emerges from the wall to battle a menacing shark; a regal deer looks straight at the viewer; an immense crocodile pokes its snout out from the wall. Although the artworks look incredibly three-dimensional, each piece is actually a completely flat and 2D drawing, created using a variety of media like charcoal, acrylic paint, conte, and chalk pastel.

Fiona Tang 超有质感的立体绘画艺术2

Tang pulls off her convincing illusions using a technique called trompe l'oeil, which uses realistic imagery to make 2D objects appear 3D. This technique, combined with Tang's expressive gestural method of drawing, make for impressive, eye-popping artworks that seem to have a life of their own.

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