Diem Chau 微小的蜡笔雕塑艺术

Diem Chau 微小的蜡笔雕塑艺术,她是一个喜欢收藏蜡笔的女孩子,不过所不同的是她是在蜡笔上雕塑各种造型的视觉艺术作品,孩童时代都喜欢蜡笔,但是在蜡笔上做各种造型的雕塑就很奇特了不是。

Diem Chau 微小的蜡笔雕塑艺术1

Sculpture is an impressive form of visual art. It’s a common belief that the biggest or the busiest sculptures are the best. However, that’s not necessarily true. Small, or even tiny, sculptures can be just as impressive. For example, Seattle-based artist Diem Chau is obsessed with tiny things and her micro sculptures are so impressive, all because of their size.

Diem Chau 微小的蜡笔雕塑艺术2

Diem carves these sculptures into a medium we’re all familiar with… a favorite childhood toy. Check out her series called “A-Z: Northwest Natives.”

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Diem Chau 微小的蜡笔雕塑艺术4

Diem Chau 微小的蜡笔雕塑艺术5

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