Seymon Bukharin 学校清洁工用扫把创作的艺术

Seymon Bukharin 学校清洁工用扫把创作的艺术,Seymon Bukharin是一位51岁的俄罗斯一所学校的清洁工,他用自己的扫把在操场上创作了一些独特的造型艺术作品,各种带有情节色彩的艺术作品绝对值得你一看。

Seymon Bukharin 学校清洁工用扫把创作的艺术1

There is a school in Izhevsk, the capital city of Russia’s Udmurt Republic, that has one of the best groundskeepers in the world. The 51 year-old is great at his job, but that’s not what makes him so special. It’s what he does for fun that is so amazing.

Seymon Bukharin 学校清洁工用扫把创作的艺术2

Seymon Bukharin is a creative soul, so he enjoys making art whenever he can. That’s why, on snowy days, he enjoys creative large drawings in the snow on the school grounds for all to see.

Seymon Bukharin 学校清洁工用扫把创作的艺术3

Seymon Bukharin 学校清洁工用扫把创作的艺术4

Seymon Bukharin 学校清洁工用扫把创作的艺术5