ain Mash 交互式3D绘画艺术作品集

Brain Mash 交互式3D绘画艺术作品集,Brain Mash 是俄罗斯的一个美术设计工作室,他们精心创作了一组三维立体画作品,色彩鲜艳,栩栩如生,让你产生一种视觉上的错觉,如果你与之互动的话,很有真实感。

ain Mash 交互式3D绘画艺术作品集1

What if, just for a moment, you could be a Ghostbuster? Or, you “open” the door to the delightful creatures of Monsters, Inc.? This is the idea behind the fun, mobile exhibition by Russian art and design studio Brain Mash. They crafted a series of three-dimensional paintings that seem to pop from the walls. Viewers are invited to interact with the colorful, realistically-rendered works, and they can play along with the visual cues in each piece.

ain Mash 交互式3D绘画艺术作品集2

Nearly everyone can find joy in this lighthearted show; the paintings provide great photo opportunities that capture you in fantastical situations with larger-than-life subjects. So, if you’ve ever wanted to be a superhero for a little while, you have the chance.

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