Hong Yi 用脚创作的世界杯巨星肖像作品

Hong Yi 用脚创作的世界杯巨星肖像作品,Hong Yi 是马来西亚的一位美女艺术家,鉴于最近2014年世界杯的开赛,她采用特殊的“脚法”创作了一组足球超级巨星的肖像画,分别是C罗纳尔多、内马尔、梅西。

Hong Yi 用脚创作的世界杯巨星肖像作品1

她只用脚、足球和8个有色涂料就完成了这幅作品,就像玩游戏一样轻松;Hong Yi 其实是中国人,只不过在上世纪60年代移民到了马来西亚,她除了是一位艺术家同时也是一位建筑师,她的作品在赫芬顿邮报、华尔街日报、CNN和每日邮报上被多次报道。

Hong Yi 用脚创作的世界杯巨星肖像作品2

In light of the recent 2014 FIFA World Cup kick-off, Shaghai-based artist ‘Red’ Hong Yi has painted a picture of three of the tournament’s superstars - Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Lionel Messi. These aren't your conventional portraits, though. The artist used only her feet, a soccer ball, and eight trays of colored paints to complete the large-scale work. Amazingly, she was able to capture their likeness in a way that feels energetic, just like the game itself. This isn’t the first time that Red has created a portrait using unconventional methods; we recently admired her Jackie Chan portrait made out of chopsticks.

Hong Yi 用脚创作的世界杯巨星肖像作品3

To compose the painting, Red dips the ball into the pigment, bounces it between her feet, and carefully maneuvers it around the canvas. She begins by outlining their heads with yellow paint and later adds in the color of the players' jerseys as well as their defining physical characteristics. By doing this, it makes the three men immediately recognizable to the viewer. Watch the charming video below to see Red in action. Who said painting wasn't a workout?

Hong Yi 用脚创作的世界杯巨星肖像作品4

Hong Yi 用脚创作的世界杯巨星肖像作品5

Hong Yi 用脚创作的世界杯巨星肖像作品6

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