Carrie Preston 可爱的孕妇肚皮水彩画

Carrie Preston 可爱的孕妇肚皮水彩画,Carrie Preston是居住在英格兰的一位画家,她把自己的创作灵感发挥在了孕妇的肚子上,来表达怀孕妈妈的快乐时光,现在才知道孕妇的肚子也可以当画布。

Carrie Preston 可爱的孕妇肚皮水彩画1

I paint bumps! It may seem completely mad to some people, in fact some even go as far to describe it as vulgar. I personally see it as beautiful. Painting a pregnant bump allows you to freely express yourself, it’s fun and relaxing.A bump painting session takes about 2 hours to complete and the soon-mum-to-be can sit and relax while the cooling sponges and brush strokes create her chosen design.

Carrie Preston 可爱的孕妇肚皮水彩画2

Babies always kick a little during the painting session too! I take photographs after so that the mums have a keepsake for their baby albums.I love the fact that every image has a special story behind it. I have painted over 130 bumps and all the mums have truly loved the experience.

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I love my job, it allows me to be a mum as well as earn a living working from home. Pregnancy is one of the most special times in a couple’s life and I believe that if anything can be done to help cherish this then it should be done without questioning.

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