FoolSdoart 名画模仿再造艺术集

FoolSdoart 名画模仿再造艺术集,艺术界里从来不缺乏灵感,这不由克里斯和佛朗西斯两个人在他们的办公室里创作了一组模仿名画场景的片段,恶搞中的恶搞艺术吧,不过管他呢,自娱自乐罢了。

FoolSdoart 名画模仿再造艺术集

Bored at work one day, Squarespace employees Francesco Fragomeni and Chris Limbrick decided to recreate a famous work of art using only objects found in their workplace, eventually leading to their imaginative, ongoing project Fools Do Art. Before long, their hilarious recreations started becoming more and more elaborate, as they started recruiting their coworkers to join in on the fun and began receiving idea submissions from around the world.

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Fragomeni and Limbrick have only a couple of rules: 1.all props must be found in the office, and;2.all editing must be done on a phone.

FoolSdoart 名画模仿再造艺术集,蒙娜丽莎

With these limitations in place, the two employees have proved to be experts at thinking outside the box. A colorfully decorated whiteboard becomes the backdrop to Mona Lisa's famous smile; trash bags are made into flowing gowns; flashy jewelry is constructed from paper and tape.

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What started out as a silly way to break the daily routine of work has become a fun exercise in creativity, art history, and humor for the two coworkers.

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