Aakash Nihalani 3D行为艺术街头涂鸦艺术

Aakash Nihalani 3D行为艺术街头涂鸦艺术,来自纽约的艺术家Aakash Nihalani使用平板电脑创作了一组三维立体化的形状艺术,并把这组作品应用到了体恤衫和街头涂鸦上,当这两个组合在一起的时候,你是否被骗到呢?

Aakash Nihalani 3D行为艺术街头涂鸦艺术

In some his more recent work, New York-based artist Aakash Nihalani has moved away from his previously admiredinterior and landscape tape illusions and has turned towards human subjects as his newest canvas. In his series, Landline, Nihalani cleverly pierces human torsos throughout Brooklyn with three-dimensional isometric rectangles and squares made out of neon tape.

Aakash Nihalani 3D行为艺术街头涂鸦艺术2

His subjects simply stand in front of the camera in white t-shirts while the bright orange, green, blue, or hot pink zig-zags and bars go right through their bodies. The artist's keen eye for perspective is evident once again in the optical illusions, which are produced with tape, paper, corrugated plastic, and magnets.

Aakash Nihalani 3D行为艺术街头涂鸦艺术3

To top off the perfectly aligned illusions, the artist has his the performative art documented in front of interesting backgrounds including brightly painted walls, graffiti art, and rooftop exit doors. Nihalani says, "I selectively place [my] graphics around New York to highlight the unexpected contours and elegant geometry of the city itself."

Aakash Nihalani 3D行为艺术街头涂鸦艺术4

Aakash Nihalani 3D行为艺术街头涂鸦艺术5

Aakash Nihalani 3D行为艺术街头涂鸦艺术6

Aakash Nihalani 3D行为艺术街头涂鸦艺术7

Aakash Nihalani 3D行为艺术街头涂鸦艺术8