Mlle Hipolyte 动物面孔纸雕塑

来自于法国艺术家Mlle Hipolyte是一位雕塑艺术家,所不同的是他采用的原材料是纸张,采用丰富多彩的纸质材料,制作成古怪的动物造型,例如浣熊、狐狸、老虎等,并且这些艺术品还可以戴在头上。

Mlle Hipolyte 动物面孔纸雕塑

French artist Mlle Hipolyte’s colorful paper masks featurre intricate, origami-like designs to form whimsical animal faces that people can really wear. Feathery paper triangles stacked in layers create a rich texture that resembles fur. The artist skillfully chooses and arranges slips of complementary shades of paper to create a sense of depth.

Mlle Hipolyte 动物面孔纸雕塑,老虎

The masks include some of the most adorable and beloved creatures in the animal kingdom, such as raccoons, foxes and tigers. They can offer an imaginative outlet for a child’s playtime, and they’re good for grown-ups, too: Imagine the possibilities for costume parties and whimsical home decorations.

Mlle Hipolyte 动物面孔纸雕塑,熊猫

Although primarily an illustrator, Hipolyte branches out into three-dimensional art through his paper creations He’s also known for adorable paper-animal wall hangings and magnificent free-standing animal sculptures made entirely out of paper.

Mlle Hipolyte 动物面孔纸雕塑,狐狸

Mlle Hipolyte 动物面孔纸雕塑,老鹰

Mlle Hipolyte 动物面孔纸雕塑,面具