Christoph Niemann 日常用品素描艺术集

来自德国的艺术家Christoph Niemann是一位擅长于把生活中的日用品与自己的艺术结合在一起,随便一把剪刀、梳子都可以与艺术挂钩,曼尼的作品简单、古怪的风格往往包含了细致入微的细节,他的作品曾经在纽约时报、纽约人杂志上报道。

Christoph Niemann 日常用品素描艺术集

Christoph Niemann incorporates everyday items into clever sketches that offer a dizzying sense of depth and whimsical perspective. The New York native can take an avocado and make it look like a catcher’s mitt; he can transform a comb into a fancy Rolls Royce; he can even turn a poppy-seed bagel into unshaved whiskers.

Christoph Niemann 日常用品素描艺术集2

Based on where he places the objects within the pictures, Niemann can create an impressive sense of motion or depth. The artist’s illusions are fun because he helps us look at objects we take for granted from a fresh angle.

Christoph Niemann 日常用品素描艺术集3

Niemann is renowned for his simple, quirky style that includes surprising details. His paintings, cartoons and sketches have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker Magazine, Time and Wired, among others. Follow him on Instagram to catch more of his delightful cartoons.

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