Salavat Fidai 铅笔上的雕刻艺术集

来自于俄罗斯艺术家 Salavat Fidai 利用自己精湛的雕刻艺术在小小的铅笔尖上雕刻一些形形色色的作品,从建筑到不同人物的著名作品,这种艺术方式需要很大的心力才能完成。

Salavat Fidai 铅笔上的雕刻艺术集

Russian artist Salavat Fidai utilizes his remarkably steady hand when carving sculptures from the tiny, graphite tip of a pencil. From famous works of architecture to distinct human figures, Fidai is able to painstakingly recreate each model with an X-ACTO knife as his only tool. This artistic approach requires an immense amount of carefulness, as applying too much pressure can cause his medium of choice to easily break.

Salavat Fidai 铅笔上的雕刻艺术集2

In addition to carving pencil lead sculptures, Fidai also paints on matchboxes and tiny seeds. This passion for miniaturized art is communicated through his brilliant work, which can be seen on a regular basis on Instagram.

Salavat Fidai 铅笔上的雕刻艺术集3

Salavat Fidai 铅笔上的雕刻艺术集4

Salavat Fidai 铅笔上的雕刻艺术集5

Salavat Fidai 铅笔上的雕刻艺术集6

Salavat Fidai 铅笔上的雕刻艺术集7