Luca Luce:手掌上的3D视觉绘画集

来自意大利艺术家 Luca Luce 在他的手掌上通过画笔来描述一个直观的3D绘画艺术,在不同的视角和阴影辅助下,你会看到逼真的立体风格,不管是什么题材在卢斯的艺术专长方面都会展示出异想天开的场景。

Luca Luce:手掌上的3D视觉绘画集

Italian makeup artist Luca Luce uses the palm of his hand to showcase mind-bending optical illusions. With the help of perspective, clever shadow placement, and a photorealistic style of drawing, he produces surreal, three-dimensional artwork that tells fantastical stories in stunning detail.

Luca Luce:手掌上的3D视觉绘画集2

In a series of peculiar paintings, Luce depicts anything from tiny creatures living underneath his skin and tentacles sprouting from his wrist to a tiny, four-eyed face emphatically talking to him. His portfolio even includes the visually creative reveal of a power outlet in his palm, as though he were a cyborg. Other illusions, which are less strange, feature him “holding” precious jewels or an incredibly cute rodent.

Luca Luce:手掌上的3D视觉绘画集3

Whatever the subject matter may be, Luce's artistic expertise convincingly creates these whimsical scenes. They'll make you do a double take, and for a second, wonder if they're real.

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