Yusei Nagashima 鱼类水彩画作品集

来自日本东京的绘画艺术家 Yusei Nagashima 喜欢绘制各式各样的鱼类,在过去的三年里他星期发布一张鱼类的水彩画,在这里你可以看到各式各样的鱼类,每一条鱼都是一种融合了现实主义与奇思妙想的艺术

Yusei Nagashima 鱼类水彩画作品集

okyo-based artist Yusei Nagashima has been fascinated by fish since he was a child, so it's no wonder that the aquatic creatures have become the sole focus of his beautifully detailed watercolor paintings. Every Friday for the past three years, Nagashima has posted a new illustration of fish on his blog, covering an eclectic range of specimens that differ in size, color, and shape. Rendered in delicate washes of paint with intricate scales and luminous eyes, each fish is a soothing blend of realism and artistic whimsy.

Yusei Nagashima 鱼类水彩画作品集2

"I was captivated by the form of the fish when I was young," Nagashima says of his childhood in Osaka, Japan. "How it carried itself in the water, the sparkle of its eyes and scales; the lively movements of its muscles when it was caught, its intimidating expression as its throat swelled. Under the incandescent light of the fish shop, they looked as brilliant as stars on a stage. My feelings since then haven't changed, so now I draw fish."

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