Siggi Odds:企划插画艺术作品

Siggi Odds:企划插画艺术作品1

Siggi Odds:企划插画艺术作品,冰岛插画师、设计师,作品灵感来自于他儿童时期在温哥华生活期间,所见的加拿大本地艺术作品,创作方向主要是在音乐、时尚和文化产业以及企业方面。

Siggi Odds:企划插画艺术作品

Hello, my name is Sigurður Oddsson, Siggi Odds for short. I was born in Reykjavík, Iceland, where I live and work, but spent a large part of my childhood in Vancouver, Canada.

Siggi Odds:企划插画艺术作品3

I work in illustration and design, working primarily with people in the music, fashion and culture industries as well as making identities for businesses/people whose vision I can relate to. Although I have done work in various styles, I'd like to think this collection of work can be seen as some sort of whole, or shows how I like to approach things at any rate.

Siggi Odds:企划插画艺术作品4

I am constantly experimenting and expanding my visual vocabulary, as can be seen on my blog where I post work in progress and experiments, aptly named Odds.