Mike Harrison 概念插画艺术作品集

Mike Harrison 概念插画艺术作品集,Mike Harrison是一位伦敦的插画设计师,他创作了很多各具特色的插画作品,从事平面设计、插画、动画、三维、摄影等方面的工作。下面这组作品就是他的Valory乐队制作的封面插画:

Mike Harrison 概念插画艺术作品集1

My name is Mike Harrison. I am a multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator, currently based in London.

Mike Harrison 概念插画艺术作品集2

Through the years of crafting myself and my career I have experimented with a multitude of styles and disciplines and continue to try new techniques and mediums on a regular basis. Through this I have built up a vast set of skills ranging from graphic design, illustration and typography to motion graphics, 3d, photography and web design. I believe that we are constantly learning, and that my portfolio shows my eclectic mix of mediums, styles and aesthetics.

Mike Harrison 概念插画艺术作品集3

I have received worldwide recognition as an illustrator, and during my time as a freelancer have had the privilege of working with some great clients such as Nike and The Wall Street Journal. As well as numerous features and contributions in leading design magazines such as Computer Arts and IdN I have also had work published in a variety of design books.

Mike Harrison 概念插画艺术作品集4

Inspired by the ever-changing environment of design I hope to produce work that inspires others. I am also proud to be an active member of international modern art collectiveDepthcore, and a member of the Keystone Design Union.

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