Steve Berrington 超级英雄与R2-D2组合插画

Steve Berrington 超级英雄与R2-D2组合插画,来自于美国的插画设计师Steve Berrington结合超级英雄和R2-D2智能机器人创作了一组混搭的插画作品,再找个系列中,可爱的机器人变成了我们所熟知的超级英雄,如蝙蝠侠、绿灯侠、美国队长。

Steve Berrington 超级英雄与R2-D2组合插画

We all love a good mash-up and this one by illustrator Steve Berrington ranks right up there as one of the best. Taking the beloved Star Wars character, R2-DR, he dresses up the droid in some fantastical colors, a far cry from his plain blue and white metal suit. An interesting side note on how R2-D2 was named.

Steve Berrington 超级英雄与R2-D2组合插画,雷神

Creator George Lucus was making an earlier film, American Graffiti, when his sound editor asked for Reel 2, Dialog Track 2 in the abbreviated form of "R-2-D-2." Lucas, who was in the room but had fallen asleep while working on the script for Star Wars, woke up when he heard the request, asked for clarification, stated that it was a great name and then immediately fell back asleep.

Steve Berrington 超级英雄美国队长

In this series, the lovable droid turns into our all-time favorite heroes like Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern. Illustrator Steve Berrington had his own epiphany when he was asked to come up with an illustration in a Star Wars forum. After some research, he couldn't find anyone who had ever shown R2-D2 as Superman so he decided to give it a try. He received such a warm response, he decided to create the rest of the series.

Steve Berrington 超级英雄绿灯侠

Steve Berrington 超级英雄与R2-D2组合插画7

Steve Berrington 超级英雄钢铁侠