Tim Doyle 知名电影插画作品集

来自于奥斯汀的艺术家 Tim Doyle 擅长于从电影里寻找灵感来创作插画作品,他把电影中的场景采用漫画模式来重构,展示各种知名电影中的经典场景,在此之前他打造了 likeSesame Street, Monk’s Cafe, Moe’s Tavern等场景插画

Tim Doyle 知名电影插画作品集

Austin-based artist Tim Doyle pays homage to famous locales from popular films in his series called UnReal Estate IV: The Movie. It’s part of his fantastic on-going UnReal Estate project, and this isn’t the first time we’ve admired Doyle’s beautiful depictions of places in popular culture.

Tim Doyle 知名电影插画作品集,指环王

Previously, he has reinterpreted television icons likeSesame Street, Monk’s Cafe, and Moe’s Tavern. Now, he’s turned his dark and detailed style towards Blockbuster hits and cult-classics, putting a unique spin on movies we’ve probably watched over and over.

Tim Doyle 知名电影插画作品集,捉鬼敢死队

Doyle’s comic book-like approach reconstructs places that are often as memorable as the characters in the films. InPulp Fiction, Jack Rabbit Slim’s restaurant is the site of the famous dance scene between Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta).

Tim Doyle 知名电影插画作品集,搏击俱乐部

You not only remember their interaction, but the incredible aesthetic of the environment. This piece, along with Doyle’s other illustrations, is instantly recognizable, but made wholly original through his sketched pen lines and bold coloring.

Tim Doyle 知名电影插画作品集,千与千寻

Tim Doyle 知名电影插画作品集,低俗小说

Tim Doyle 知名电影插画作品集,银翼杀手

Tim Doyle 知名电影插画作品集,疯狂家族