Lee John Phillips:10万个工具插画集合

艺术家 李约翰·菲利普斯为了纪念他已故的祖父,于是决定通过把祖父工具铺通过插画的方式永久保存下来,目前已经绘制了4000多种不同的工具,大概需要五年的时间才能完成。工具铺不仅仅有螺丝刀、钳子、还有很多螺母、勺子、开关等等。

Lee John Phillips:10万个工具插画集合

Artist Lee John Phillips is commemorating his late grandfather in a heartwarmingly creative way. When the illustrator's beloved relative passed away, he left behind an old shed containing over 100,000 individual tools and trinkets. To celebrate these remnants, his grandfather, and the place where he continually tinkered away, Phillips has decided to take on an immense project. He's determined to document every single item that's housed within the shed's four walls.

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So far, the artist has drawn close to 4,000 pieces and he's only just begun. He imagines that it will take him about five years to finish the entire project. Even though this is a tremendous undertaking, Phillips' persistence represents the love and admiration that he has for his grandfather. Viewers can witness this same enthusiasm on the artist'sInstagram, which is where he posts his incredibly meticulous sketchbook drawings.

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